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The best gift for your favourite Tog...

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Want to buy something for the photographer in your life that has everything?

Well, the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle is pretty much the perfect gift for the photographer in your life: it’s fun, it’s useful, it’s a good price, and most people don’t have one yet. And to top it all, they are giving away their mobile app for free!

There is a connector for every camera - you just need to purchase the correct adapter from their site. It's a reasonably cheap gift, and I can promise that this will be one that very few photographers already have (and all will absolutely love!)

Why Facebook is no longer so great for photographers

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Around the beginning of October, Facebook once again changed things on us. Yes - supposedly another unannounced roll-out of something new and fabulous on Facebook.

This time however, the change is a big deal for photographers who rely on their Facebook Page for marketing. You simply won’t reach your audience unless you pay Facebook … per post.

Post by Neil van Niekerk  on the Tangents Blog

Goodbye to an icon of South African photography

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When an icon of South African history passes on, it is only fitting that their tribute be simply a few of the memorable and influential images that they were responsible for. Goodbye to Alf Khumalo, a man who had the determination to show the world what was happening in South Africa during the dark years of Apartheid, and to show the awakening of the new South Africa. 

SA Road Federation 2012 Photo Competition

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SARF 2012 Photo Competition
The South African Road Federation has extended the deadline for their 2012 Photo Competition to 31 October 2012.
The details are in the attachment..... good luck!

World wide photo walk #5 - this weekend....

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Scott Kelby's Fifth Annual | Worldwide Photo Walk comes to Joburg this weekend!

Sign up for sunset / night time photography at Brightwater Commons

Date: Saturday, 13 October 2012

Time: 03:00pm - 08:00pm

Location Details: Brightwater Commons, Randburg

Late start at 3pm with an early dinner somewhere, followed by painting with light and night time photography.

Register here:

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