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Camera Raw 8.1 and DNG Converter 8.1 Now Available from Adobe

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This update contains the Adobe DNG Converter 8.1.

The Adobe DNG Converter is a free utility that enables you to easily convert camera-specific raw files from more than 350 cameras to the more universal DNG raw format.

Digital Negative was developed to address the lack of an open standard for the proprietary and unique raw files created by each digital camera. DNG allows photographers to archive their raw camera files in a single format for easy cataloging and access in the future. With the format specification freely available, any developer can build software that supports and takes advantage of DNG. For more information, visit the Digital Negative page.

Go to look for the Windows Download here

Go to look for the Mac Download here

Lightroom 5 released by Adobe

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Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 5, the latest version of its workflow and image editing software. It is available as either an individual license or as part of a Creative Cloud subscription, and adds a more advanced healing/cloning tool, automatic image leveling and perspective correction, a new selective editing tool and the ability to edit files that are offline.

US pricing is $149 for new customers and $79 for the upgrade.

The shipping version of Lightroom 5 arrives eight weeks after its public beta was released and aside from a publish-to-Behance plugin, contains no additional enhancements beyond bug fixes. You can download the shipping version of Lightroom and use it in a fully functional demo mode for 30 days before payment is required to keep on using it.  

If you go here, you can download the new Lightoom 5 trial.

Sony Lens and Body Rentals in South Africa

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Its for real! We now have a way of trying out all those lovely lenses and bodies that we would love to have.... 
Robbie Aspeling has now set up a Sony Rentals facility. Have a look here is you want to see what he has available!
Thanks Robbie - and good luck with your new venture!

Instagram - should you stay or should you go?

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Instagram changes their Privacy policy as of 16 January 2013...

Either you love it, or you hate it... those Instagram photos that everyone shares with their friends and family... either way, Instagram is used by millions of people to share their images.

In September 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for a record sum.... some people felt that this was a good move, since you could easily share your photos with anyone on Facebook. Others immediately deleted their accounts! 

The latest twist saw a notice of the change in the Privacy Policy as of 16 January 2013. Read up on the new policy here.

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